The words and messages contained within Studio Fantasia's product range brings mindfulness to the power of thoughts and spoken words.
Desire and believe then harness your own inner power, apply determination and anything becomes possible.
Escape from reality into the Divine, the Creative, the Imaginative.
Peace resides here.


Studio Fantasia purchase options currently operate through the PAYPAL system for the highest security measures possible.

You are not required to set up a Pay Pal account or have a Pay Pal account to shop or make purchases through Studio Fantasia's website.

You can use Pay Pal as a guest to purchase from Studio Fantasia, Pay Pal will offer that you create an account but it is not necessary, a transaction can be made without doing so.

Your credit cards details are not stored by Studio Fantasia and the basic information provided to us by you when placing an order is not shared or sold.

If your basic information has been requested and is required by way of legal / lawful demand, we are required to do so at that time and for that purpose only.

Studio Fantasia accepts no responsibility on your behalf for any cyber crime, hacking, internet fraud or any other unforseen circumstances that are probable when shopping online.