The words and messages contained within Studio Fantasia's product range brings mindfulness to the power of thoughts and spoken words.
Desire and believe then harness your own inner power, apply determination and anything becomes possible.
Escape from reality into the Divine, the Creative, the Imaginative.
Peace resides here.


Studio Fantasia uses an Australia Post programme to calculate all postage weights and costs.

Australia Post will post to all major trading countries.

INTERNATIONAL postage charges are calculated on the delivery information provided when giving order details.

You will only be charged for what it costs to post your purchase to the address provided.

Packaging of your producct will be as protective as possible, in attempts to prevent any accidental damage whilst in transit,

and while being handled by Australia Post and other countries postal services.

Please ensure when placing your order, that customs in your counrty allows the goods to be imported.

Collection of your purchases can be selected as an option, collection is from Southport, Gold Coast, Queensland.